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Our Favorite Apps This Week


Insta3D – Create Your Own 3D Avatar | Animate & Cartoon Yourself
*Top 1 Free App in US, Canada, Australia App Store’s Lifestyle category* Insta3D Avatar Creator can turn you into an animated cartoon avatar with just one selfie – and turn you into an idol! Animate a photo of your face into your own 3D animation avatar with a mind of its own through Insta3D! This…
Genre: Lifestyle
Version: 2.0.6
Released: June 22, 2014

Nito – 3D Entertainment, Messaging and Social Media

Nito is a new way of creating and sharing video messages with friends and on social media. With Nito you bring your favorite characters to life. Your own voice, expressions and movements are mimicked perfectly by 3D animated characters in real time. Dozens are available including lovable animals
√ Join thousands of players on the leaderboards! • Thousands of players use this game to help train their brain! • • Top Rated in Games • Start out on Easy Mode and work your way up. You have 1 second to come up with a true-or-false answer! Tap the checkmark if you think the equation is correct a…
Genre: Games
Version: 1.04
Released: March 04, 2015
pili pop copy
Pili Pop
Pili Pop is an English-learning application created especially for children. Available on iPhone and iPad, it gives children from ages 5 to 10 the opportunity to practice English every day. Designed in collaboration with langua…



Slice Fractions
The challenge for educational games is to blend the gameplay and the learning material. We believe Slice Fractions innovates precisely because it integrates well its gameplay with the idea of fractions, a subject that is critic…

inventioneers copy

Inventioneers is a game for kids 6-12 where they can build their own contraptions. By using a lot of fun and sometimes weird objects they can create quite complex inventions and share it with their friends. Inventioneers is a g…

Hopscotch copy

Hopscotch is working to make computer programming accessible to all. Launched in April 2013, Hopscotch built the first ever programming language designed for a mobile device and is developing creative products to teach kids to …
DreamworksDragonAdventure copy
 Dragons Adventure World Explorer
DreamWorks Dragons Adventure World Explorer, is a one-of-a-kind, location-based mobile game that uses GPS mapping to transform the family drive into a real time, immersive gaming adventure for kids. Inspired by “How to Tr…

iPadNinja copy

ExploreLearning Reflex

ExploreLearning Reflex is the most effective solution available to help students develop fluency with basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Reflex is: — Adaptive and individualized. Reflex…

Skylanders_STT_Tablet_Starter_Pack_Contents copy

Skylanders Trap Team
Activision is redefining the Toys to Life™ phenomenon with yet another ground-breaking innovation, Skylanders Trap Team™. Skylanders Trap Team, the newest installment of the Skylanders franchise, reverses the magic of bringing …

RiskRanch copy

Risk Ranch

Risk Ranch is the first and most exciting agriculture-based learning application for children of all ages. Fun and fast-paced, this single-player game engages kids with real-life content, challenging players to take on the role…


The Great Piggy Bank Adventure®

A solid understanding of basic financial principles is key to financial stability for individuals and communities. That’s why T. Rowe Price is committed to helping people of all ages develop the skills required to make wi…


Pictopia: Disney Edition App

Discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from the animated classics and blockbuster movies to television hits and dazzling theme park destinations. Image-based questions celebrate touchstone characters like Mic…